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Chinese Marble Natural Stone Manufacturer

Natural marble is a metamorphic or sedimentary carbonate rock type.It is formed by the natural metamorphism of one kind of rock into another by the mixture of high temperature and high pressure of minerals.Its main component is calcium carbonate, the content is about 50%-75%.It is characterized by compact structure, small hardness, good decoration and less weather resistance. Relative to the granite with single design, the marble pattern color variety is rich, the color change is much, have beautiful natural color.As a result of natural marble mineral composition is simple, quality of a material is exquisite, easy processing, saw, cutting, polishing, drill hole, carving, through processing, marble Slabs appears a variety of stripe pattern, profile can form natural ink landscape painting, make marble mural It has good decoration,Marble can be used for indoor floors, walls, kitchen countertops,Vanity-tops, Roman Columns, Baluster, Windows-sills, Windows-surrounding,Elevator doors surroundings, Strips, Steps and Risers high-level decoration widely used in Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Exhibition Halls, Villas, Scenic  Tourist area and other large projects.In addition, it can also be used to make marble handicrafts, articles for daily use, etc.