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China Granite & Marble Slabs Manufacturer

Big Slabs cutting or fabricating into tops or any other products has a great customer basis in the stone products market.

Materials can be chose also in wide range, from granite, marble, quartz, quartzite etc. each type of the stone has numerous colors and patterns.

The characteristics and performance can actually vary by the color of the stone.

Surface finishing of slabs are mainly in highly polished. Of course other surface finishes, like honed or flamed also becoming popular, up to clients taste or requirement of jobs. Un polished surface also offers a highly textured can be visually appealing .

To seal or not to seal the surface will depends on the material of the stone . Nearly all marble slabs have to be sealed , and seal or not of the granite slab depends on the density of the stone .

Size of the slabs , if not to pay extra cost to sawn cut the edge , big slabs always has random edges . So the slab size is not defined, normally have differs within 10cm by length and 5cm by height. Large slab normal size 270cm up x 160cn up , and medium size slab with shorter height 65cm/70cmup.  

The thickness of granite is usually 2CM or 3CM.  Can be customized cutting according to special order requirement.