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Wall facades system can be done with a huge range of materials, brick, concrete, metal, ceramic, wood, etc., or any other high tech modern composite materials. However, natural stone will be the one chosen because of details and heritage. As most of the famous buildings or churches worldwide, the exterior or interior applications are used of natural stones. Marbles, sandstone, granite are the top three choices.

Finishes of the stone wall cladding. Polished, sandblasted, honed, flamed, punched (pineppaled) fine picked /bushhammered are most popular finishing to show different beauty of the buildings. Some antique , some modern , some wild , some mild , to meet every thought of you fantasy and wonder dreams.

Modern stone wall cladding with innovative installed system, pin or slot together simply makes the cladding more practical and effective. Any cutting backside of the cladding panels is achievable.

Most high end residential or commercial buildings using stone masonry to build up the magnificent and elegant ambience. So if you are so into the old and great charm, an totally traditional flair, stone cladding will definitely appeal to your senses.

Stone designs marries middle age rustiness with functionality and its types range from limestone, granite, sandstone, stack stone. No matter its use, from external to internal, stone wall adds depth and texture to any designated space while beautifully blending the boundaries between the outside walls and the ones on the inside.

Some popular stone cladding designs or finishes includes, polished, tumbled, sandblasted, bush-hammered, leather, flamed, mushroom and sawn to name a few.