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Granite Natural Stone Manufacturer

With the fast development of stone industry, China stone processing technology is also in constant progress, China import huge natural stone blocks all over the world every year. because of huge domestic demand and the demand of the market external processing.entrance stone material,marble and granite block is one of the main varieties, the proportion of marble and granite is 8:5, that is to say every imported 8 pieces of marble blocks,5 pieces is granite blocks.China imported about $900 million, or 5.52 million tons, of granite blocks in 2017.Xiamen Port alone imported 1.3 billion US dollars, about 8 million tons of marble and granite blocks totally.Although China is a large country of granite, the colors are mostly gray, yellow, pink and green -- and most of them are light-colored. In order to get more brightly coloured granite,China must be continue to rely on imports.this more because of China's lack of such resources.According to the import data of granite blocks,number one place of granite blocks is still Held by India (for many years, its position has not been shaken, and it has firmly held the position of China as the largest importer of granite for many years;The second place is Brazil, the third place is Norway, these countries’s granite color bright, distinctive personality, plus China's strong processing capacity, made of big gangsawn slabs, Tiles, Tombstone, Countertops, and re-exported  to all over the world.