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Natural Granite Stone Palisade

Natural Granite Palisade also called Stone Fence,it is widely used in the layout of the landscaping.With a very strong cultural color, and it can make the whole garden has more Stereo feeling,and as beautiful and harmonious,Palisade are made of natural stone is the indispensable in gardening and landscaping decration material. Natural Granite Palisade Stone is intended to be buried below the ground in an upright position, They butted up tight against each other to form an upright garden border element. They stand upright using to separate privacy areas and protect from out mess and noise.

Palisades used in variety of ways, in numerous lengths/height and thickness, is very suitable for delimitating the paths, gardens, driveways, gardens. Creating a new elegance.


Palisades offered in different color type of stones, light grey, Dark Grey ,black, yellow etc. . Finishing surfaces also unlimited, can be flamed, pineappled or natural split and so on. The design can be round or square.

* Available in sizes:12*12*25~200  8*20*50~150 ,10*25*80~150  12*25*100~300

You will find the common thing from palisades is long lasting using age, no need much of after treatment. The more decades over, the more charming you will be aware of them.